SAVE_THE_DATE_event_COVER.jpg"No man left behind" is the famous ethos of American soldiers and Marines on the battlefield. They stand in the gap for us, frequenlty sacrificing life and limb. We owe it to them to not forget and never leave them behind.

So what about when they leave the battlefield? What then? Too often they ARE left behind as the machinery of bureaucracy grinds on. The history of the VA is rife with such instances, as wounded warriors are stalled and neglected, sometimes even unto death. Many times, disabled veterans are assigned substandard mobility equipment that hinders rather than helps their ability to function... LIVE!

Sole mission… Custom designed, individually fit, complex rehab, mobility solutions to ensure  wounded veterans and first responders can rejoin their lives at the highest level possible with INDEPENDENT mobility and function, and … ROLL  STRONG.

So SAVE THE DATE! Our first major fundraiser is at the RCC on 9/11. Our first veterans will be presented with their new technologically advanced custom fit wheelchairs, and more will be waiting in the wings. YOU need to be a part of it all!

Monday, September 11 at 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Redneck Country Club
11110 W. Airport Blvd
Stafford, TX

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