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Offering HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses since 1986, Insperity has helped 100000+ businesses with their human resources needs.

Kinder Morgan

The Gulf Bulk Region is responsible for handling over 10 million tons of petroleum coke through several terminals located on the Texas Gulf Coast. In addition to petroleum coke, it also unload aggregates from ocean going vessels and loads soda ash and potash to export vessels. It owns General Stevedores, a company that provides labor and equipment to load and unload vessels at several Texas ports.


Launched into the Houston music scene in 1992 as a Classic Rock band, CROSSWIND is comprised of a solid group of long-time veteran singer/songwriters of Texas/Americana music.  CROSSWIND brings their original style to their repertoire of Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Blues, Pop & Dance.  While the 4 part harmonies are powerful and certainly a statement to their versatility, make no mistake that the boys in the band love to 'bring it' and rock the house. 

Prestige Oysters

Prestige Oysters is one of the nation's leading oyster distributor specializing in ... coast and over 20000 acres of private leases in Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

Staybridge Suites

With 200+ hotels around the world, you can discover a warm, welcoming, accessible destination wherever you are headed. 

Massage Heights Vanderbilt

Don’t think of massage as a one-time treat, an indulgence, or a reward for a tough week. Regular massage truly elevates your everyday life, smoothing out the rough spots, helping you be your best, and making it easier to deal with life’s curve balls. 

Lamont Brands Inc

It is a veteran owned corporation with certified service disabled veteran status pending. Our in house embellishment capabilities includes screen-printing, embroidery, rhinestones, heat press transfers, and thermal flex designs, as well as, e-commerce solutions and onsite fulfillment services. 

Cajun Commando 4x4

Avenger Inc. was established in 1973 as a manufacturer of 3 & 4 wheel ATV’s, leading the industry in new and innovative ideas. After many years manufacturing recreational vehicles our focus is now targeted to those with mobility challenges.

The Cajun Chair is manufactured in our factory located in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. We have used the latest technology to deliver the most advanced wheelchair on the market today.

Our goal at Lil Critter, LLC. is to manufacturer a product that enables people to remain active and maximize their independence.

The Cajun Commando 4x4” offers the ultimate in:

  • 4X4 wheelchair         

  • Indoor/outdoor wheelchair

  • All Terrain wheelchair

  • Ultimate Beach wheelchair

Self Defense Fund

We are a national association, with litigation “junk yard dog” attorneys in all 50 states providing our members with an aggressive attack-dog style defense for the use of any weapon including a hand gun, rifle, shot gun, spear gun, bow & arrow, stun gun, pepper spray, knife, or any other object used to defend or protect.

Unlimited Attorney Fees – No Cap – Plus $1 Million Dollars for extras such as Expert Witness, Bail Bond, Private Investigator, Court Cost. NO PROCESSING FEES  –  NO EXTRA COST TO INCREASE COVERAGE  –  WE KEEP IT SIMPLE

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